“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you cannot get them across, your ideas will not get you anywhere.”

Lee Lacocca

I t is a well known fact that businesses need marketing to survive. No matter how good is your product or how excellent are your services or ideas, you need to reach out to masses in order to generate sales, otherwise you will get to nowhere. The importance of marketing was also highlighted by the CEO of Nike, Phil Night who once said that,

The most important thing we do is market the product. We have come around to saying that Nike is a marketing-oriented company, and the product is our most important marketing tool”.

Phil Knight, CEO Nike

 As we all know that, products and services changes with demand and so does the marketing techniques. Previously print media, radio and television were considered to be the sources of marketing but now with the advent of internet, online marketing is flourishing day



by day and is becoming the fastest and the inexpensive source of sharing information almost everywhere around the world. As internet is evolving as a social web site with interactive communica-tion, internet marketing has gained popularity. Various statistics reveal that online advertising has grown to be worth tens of billions of dollars annually, in just a few years. According to a report published by Price Water House Coopers (PWC), that in the year 2006, 16.5 billion US dollars was expected to be spent on online marketing in the United States. Also in UK, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) reported that, internet marketing has flourished in recent years becoming a multi-million pound industry.( Source: www. to a study by the IAB and PricewaterhouseC-oopers (PwC) , spending on online advertising in the UK might reach to 1 billion pounds for the first time, fuelled by increased use of broadband.

These figures advocate the growing importance of internet marketing as also reaffirmed by David Silverman, Partner, Entertain- ment and Media Practice, PricewaterhouseCoopers, who said that:

“The latest results reaffirm the internet’s growing importance for marketers to integrate online advertising into their overall media plans.”

This is the reason why companies are constantly engaging in adopting various successful internet marketing strategies in order to reach out to their target markets and Article Marketing is one of the most effective of all. This book is dedicated to impart you with an in depth information about Article Marketing. If you want to become a successful online marketer and want to stand out of your competitors through incorporating effective article marketing tactics than this book is essentially worth reading for you and will help you explore what is article marketing, its importance, its scope, its benefits, how to create an effective article strategy and employ valuable article marketing tactics and much more. But before getting into much depth, first let’s have an introduction about article marketing and



how it is associated with viral marketing another online marketing phenomenon.



Article marketing is a form of online marketing that companies incorporate to advertise products and services to the potential market. The term article marketing is not novel to us, although its form has been changed prominently. Traditionally article marketing was done through print media as it was the only medium of mass communication. Companies or businesses in an effort to increase their customer base used to supply useful content in the form of an article to leading newspapers free of charge. Newspapers in turn publish these articles and in return prints the companies contact information with the article. For example, visa consultants may submit an article on the latest visa regulations and newspaper might publish this article with the name and contact information of the visa consultants. Hence it is a win-win situation for both the players.

Today with the internet revolution, article marketing has taken the form of internet article marketing. Companies today in order to market their services and products to the customers and to create brand awareness are engaging in article marketing activities via various online article directories like ezine and many others. By posting their articles in various article directories and linking articles with pages of their own websites companies can generate leads for their businesses in order to flourish. Some online marketers often in order to maximize their online article marketing campaign results try to submit their articles to multiple article directories.




As we have mentioned earlier that internet is becoming a wider source of communication. This fact is in itself sufficient to manifest the growing importance of online article marketing. Companies



today are widely launching article marketing campaigns to develop more and more leads for their business.

Before exploring more about article marketing, it is essential to mention that, the success of article marketing hugely depends on the strategies used by a marketer to develop and run an online article marketing campaign and as internet is becoming more and more of a social medium, Viral Marketing is becoming essential for any type of online marketing campaign including article marketing. Marketers who want to market their products and service via creating and publishing articles online should implement effective viral marketing campaign to enhance the affectivity of their article marketing efforts. In the rest of this chapter we will explore about viral marketing, its scope and its importance.





“Viral marketing is basically word of mouth marketing that is generated through social websites. It is defined as a marketing technique that uses pre-existing social networks like You Tube, Facebook, Twitter etc to increase brand awareness, improve sales and to achieve other marketing objectives through self- replicating viral processes.”


Viral marketing is a latest marketing strategy that can get you thousands of new subscribers without incurring huge costs. It is a marketing phenomenon that is characterized by the high pass along rate from person to person as it is being linked from one profile to the next profile. Thus due to its self-replicating nature, it facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message more quickly and more widely to a larger number of audience. This is the reason why it is referred to as Viral, as the term viral is analogous to virus and the messages through viral marketing spreads as quickly as the spread of virus or computer viruses.

  • •                  •




Viral Marketing is all about connections and developing links. The more quality connections a company can make the more busi-ness leads they can generate. The more business leads they create the higher the chances that the lead will end up to purchase a good or service. Today many organizations are hiring Viral Marketing Services (VMS) to seek their professional insight in advance internet technology and expertise in effective marketing strategies. By incor-porating a social profile gathering system, a VMS company creates interconnections with web sites and social media groups specific to their client’s target market. Not only to common social media web sites like face book, twitter etc, the internet is home to over 300,000 social community web service providers, that has a huge community of active users. Hence, by actively maintaining an extensive analytical database of these connections, a VMS company can successfully link a business to its targeted customers.

It is also essential for a marketer to create and develop message that generates interests in the audience. This message can be anything ranging from an article, an e-mail, an eBook, a video, a Flash Game or even to a software that can be downloaded. It is the sharing of any of these that actually makes the item “viral”. Most of the websites offer free commercial information online in the form of e- books, journals, articles etc to their subscribers. In such case, the free material being provided should be viral and if one likes it, the message can spread vastly among others. Hence through incorpo-rating viral marketing tools one can implement an effective marketing strategy and promote any kind of marketing example article marketing, e-book marketing, etc.




Viral marketing has a potential to generate buzz about your busi-ness quickly. Once a marketer launches a viral campaign, its self-replicating nature spreads the message to masses of prospects and also the viral nature makes it a low cost and low maintenance



marketing campaign. In addition to that it is also considered as a more trusted source, as your message or products are pushed through people and not you, hence it is generally more trusted by your prospects and build positive brand image and develop better prospects for your business.

Also with ever improving technology the scope and success of viral marketing has also enhanced. Statistics reveals that nearly  two thirds of the world’s Internet population now visits a social network or blog site weekly. Also a latest study from Pew Internet reflects that social networks are becoming a popular source of information and almost 89% of people forward news, events, and vendor specific information to people in their network.

In the presence of such statistics it is evident that, companies either big or small cannot withstand the growing significance of viral marketing and they must integrate viral marketing strategy to ensure success of their online marketing campaign and hence it proves to be one of the effective tools for the success of article marketing efforts. Now having discussed the role of viral marketing let’s explore further knowledge about article marketing in the rest of the book.
















Article marketing plays a crucial role in the success of any      online business. It is an effective way to broaden the online presence of your business. By employing an appropriate

article marketing strategy, companies cannot only harvest the bene-fits of increased traffic to their website and generate leads and new customers but also can build brand awareness and company’s reputa-tion online. In this chapter we will explore how to create an effective article marketing strategy. Various steps involved in developing an effective article marketing strategy are:



STEP # 1: Crafting Appropriate Article:

If I ask you a very simple question that what is involved in article marketing? Even if you know nothing about it you can still answer this question. The answer is of course an article. You need to have some content, some writing which will help you to market yourself. An effective article with appropriate information that interests your target audience with placement of proper key words to optimize SEO is a key to success. You can either write your own articles or get the services of online writers to develop an effective article. But why to



outsource, here in this text we will give you impressive tips that will improve your article writing skills and helps you create sound articles to attract traffic to your site and generate business leads.


STEP # 2: Article Submission

Once you create a sound article the next step is of course to get it out in front of the eyes of your target market. In order to do that you have to submit your articles to various article directories. But what is an Article Directory? In simple words an article directory is actually a website that has hundreds of articles on it. Hence article directories are the best place to submit your article, specially the popular direc-tories to generate traffic. You actually have to search for popular directories and then you need to create your profile and sign up to them. Once you are done with signing up you can login to these article directories any time and submit your articles. But is it that simple? Although seems simple but actually it is not that easy. Just think what if you want to post your articles to a number  of directories may be hundreds? Are you going to sign up for all? Is there any easier way? The answer is yes and later in this text we will explore these ways. Also we will discuss more valuable article submission tips in the upcoming chapters.



STEP # 3: Measuring Effectiveness:

Is measuring the effectiveness of your article in marketing campaign really essential? The successful marketers always believe in evaluation and self assessment or the assessment of their techniques. Although often ignored, but measuring the affectivity of your tech-nique is critical, so that a marketer can visualize whether the campaign has been able to develop targeted business leads and hence help you improve on your marketing methodologies and tactics.

Every marketer who wishes to implement article marketing campaign should employ the above strategy and follow these basic


Article Marketing Explained!



steps to attain business purposes but remember that each of these steps are really crucial and demands a marketer to follow certain techniques for example techniques to improve the content of your article, to optimize SEO, to develop links, to search for appropriate article directories are few of the many problems which a marketer must undergo to develop an effective article marketing strategy. Later in our text we will discuss and examine all these techniques  to help you improve your knowledge.


















The word ‘Article Marketing’ in itself explains the       importance of an ‘Article’ to market and promote your product. The very first base of an effective marketing

campaign is a quality article. Our next few chapters are dedicated to give you a complete insight about what is a successful article with respect to article marketing and how can a marketer craft a well targeted quality article. First let’s explore what is a successful article.




A successful article with reference to article marketing is the one that is well taken by your publishers as well as your targeted audi-ence and that creates interest in the eyes of the reader and helps you generate business leads.



THE AIDA CONCEPT: In order to develop interest in your readers, it is significant to incorporate the AIDA Principle while writing an article. The term AIDA stands for:


Article Marketing Explained!



A : ATTENTION – to attract Attention I : INTEREST- to arouse Interest

D : DESIRE- to create Desire

A : ACTION- to stimulate Action


The concept was introduced by an American advertising and sales pioneer, E. St. Elmo Lewis, 1898. This principle works well in creating an article by ensuring that the content should attract atten- tion, arouse interest and creates desire and should stimulate action. Also it is imperative to mention here that a marketer can design

content for the article keeping in mind several purposes that the article may serve. Usually the articles created for article marketing may serve the following purpose. Such as they may be considered as:

  1. Source of Information: Where the writer gives information and disseminate his knowledge over something for example a company that produces diet supplements may write an article on why it is important to reduce weight if you are overweight. These articles are mostly aimed at solving customer problems o several issues and increasing credibility of the company, which in turn increases the chances of the changing leads into buyers of your
  2. Source of Promotion: Few articles are specifically targeted to promote sales and contain attributes and advantages of a product or services and enforce people to buy the product by several discounts or offers
  3. Source of Opinion: Articles may also serve as sources of opinion where the writer shares his or her views or opinion regarding an event or an issue. These articles are very specific and the writer needs to verify and support his or her hypothesis based on several references and reasons. Again the success of these articles increases the credibility of the author (the marketer) and the company. For example if you are a financial consultant and you constantly publish articles based on your opinion about



for example recent government economic reforms or tax regulations you not only increase audiences awareness but also increase your credibility in the eyes of your prospective customers.

Thus an article marketer should identify that what should be the purpose of the article and must follow the AIDA concept to enhance the effectiveness of the article. In the next chapter we will explore ways to develop an effective article.





It is essentially important to note that the articles that a marketer writes for marketing purpose are entirely different from the ones published by traditional article writes. Some people confuse it with article writing. Remember that article writing is a totally different field and the articles written by authors in the field of article writing are not aimed to improve web traffic or generate sales. In fact those articles are not marketed oriented at all. So never confuse article marketing with article writing. Later in this text we will discuss in detail difference between article writing and article marketing.

















As well phrased by Samuel Johnson, a famous British      Author:

“What is written without effort is usually read without pleasure”


THE SAME IS true for article marketing. A well developed and targeted article is the foundation to your success. A responsible marketer  will put efforts and do proper research to develop effective content; other-wise your whole marketing campaign is worthless. Without a unique and authentic content you cannot generate interest in your target market. In this chapter we will explore ways to craft an effective content. Here are few tips to help you out.

Identify The Purpose Of Your Article


As discussed earlier that an article may serve several purposes. It is essentially important to identify that what you are aiming at. It is the contents of the article that fosters interest in the target audience



and they might visit your website by clicking the link provided in the article and might ultimately end up buying your product.

Research And Plan Your Article


Anyone can write articles, but effective marketers conduct research, bring some hot issues, and give reliable and tempting infor-mation to the audience. You need to be a good reader and should extensively research for valuable and authentic information that delivers value to your reader. Not only that while constantly putting efforts to study about your topic will make you expert in your field and polish your writing skills and pays you back by increasing your credibility in the eyes of your reader. The more you research the more effective your writing will be. As again quoted by Samuel Johnson;

“The greatest part of a writer’s time is spent in reading in order to write. A man will turn over half a library to make a book.”

Know Your Audience


It is essential to give your readers what they want. Identify their needs, their interests. Don’t just bomb them up with bulk of informa- tion sometimes a bit complex and technical for them to understand. It  is essential for a marketer to understand that people arrive at your website with an intention of solving a problem, getting a question answered or regarding an opinion on a specific topic. So be focused and NEVER STRAY FROM YOUR TARGET MAREKET.

Keep It Simple, Informative And Specific


Always try to use simple language so that your reader can under- stand you and be specific. What good is your article if no one under- stands it? It is useless. Always deliver authentic information to your reader. Never write something that is fake or false just to make your article flashy. Remember that your reader is not a fool and he must be


visiting hundreds of other articles too and there is nothing more harmful in online marketing than to lose your credibility. Once you lose it, you can never gain it again and can lose your prospect for ever.

Don’t Write, Always Talk To Your Reader


Never be vague to your reader. Try to use active tense in your writing as if you are talking to your reader.

Proofread And Re-Read


Remember you need to get your article published on websites or to article directories. Do you want it to be full of errors? Your article contents should be free of any errors, ranging from grammatical mistakes, redundancy of words, spelling errors, thus any kind of errors. It is crucially important to proof read your content. If possible get the help of some expert.


“Read over your compositions, and when you meet a passage which you think is particularly fine, strike it out”

– Samuel Johnson


The above tips will help you out in creating an effective content for your article. In the next chapter we will explore the tactics which you can incorporate while constructing your article and through which you can generate more and more web traffic towards your website.









Article marketing, if implemented appropriately, may       generate buzz to your business. The focus of the marketer should be optimizing search engine rankings and

increasing web traffic. By using the following tactics article marketers can reach to huge numbers of audiences and hence increases the number of valuable prospects for their business.

Optimize SEO Ranking


A well written content is worthless without having proper SEO optimized tactics. The recipe of a well targeted article must include various ingredients that increase your web ranking and online visi- bility for example an effective selection and placement of keywords within your article. Key words and proper link backs are essential for search engine optimization. When implemented effectively, keywords will get you high rankings in the search results.

Link Extensively- To generate Back Links


The more links you generate the more are your chances to



success. One of the major benefits of article marketing is in fact it gets you millions of prospects if you have incorporated a sound link strategy.

Take Advantage of RSS feeds


In order to beat your competition and enhance your websites accessibility RSS feeds, a new marketing technique, will help you to get your article reach to your audience as soon as you post it and hence increases you credibility and web traffic.

Never Forget to Add Author Resource Box


One of the tools that can help improve traffic in an article is an author’s resource box, where you can use anchor text that can improve the web traffic to the website. It is essential to add compelling resource box in the end of your article.

Employ Viral Marketing Strategy


In order to further increase the number of visitors, article marketer can employ viral marketing strategy by posting the article to social networking websites. As we have already discussed earlier such social net workings are interconnected and their users are increasing in thousands with every passing day.

So far we have discussed key tactics to improve your chances to reach to millions of online visitors but it might worries you how to employ these crucial tactics. Our next few chapters are dedicated  to give you a complete insight about all of the above tactics and guide you on how to implement these strategies.









SEO optimization is the key goal of every online marketer. The     reason behind is in the extremely competitive online industry today, high online viewership is critical to success. Let’s have a

complete insight on SEO optimization and tips to boost SEO rankings.


SEO RANKING and Its Significance

The term SEO is an acronym of “Search Engine Optimization”. Popular search engines like Google, Yahoo etc constantly evaluate and rank the sites that have high viewership, popular keywords, appropriate keywords placement etc. Since search engines’ rankings play a major role in getting at top of the search list and driving web traffic to your website, marketers follow tactics to ensure adherence to search engine optimization and success.




Listed below are some guidelines to optimize SEO rankings and website visibility to ensure article marketing success.



Develop Key Word Rich Articles


Constructing keyword-rich articles can help you optimize your search engine rankings. Popular key words can help search engines to better index and pick up your articles when online search is made with specific keywords by people at popular search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo etc. Marketers can take following steps to select appropriate key words:

  1. Identify your target audience and find out what words or phrases would they use to obtain related information
  2. You can also search for popular keywords at various search engines as most popular search engines use small services called spiders (or bots) that regularly search the web for keywords and store and index them in their
  3. Google alert for key words is also an efficient way of generating updated keywords that people popularly use to search

Use Phrases Instead of Single-Word Keywords


People today in order to save time and effort are becoming more and more specific to their search and normally use complete phrases to land to their required page instead of single-word key words. For example, if I would like to know benefits of article marketing, I would type the whole phrase itself, rather than just typing article writing as typing the whole phrase will save my time and efforts. Also it is usually observed that single word keywords encounter too much competition and reduces your chances to reach at the top search pages.



Placement and Usage of keywords



REMEMBER never over load your article with keywords. It is crucial to maintain a balance usage of keywords and should be effectively placed within your article. Over loading your article with too many keywords will dilute the quality of your article and damage your credibility.

Appropriate Title


One of the most important places for your keyword is in the title of the article of content. It is also important to use interesting keyword phrases as article title. Dull titles might put off people and kill your effort.

Adhering to above guidelines will get you an effective SEO opti-mized article but just remember that always keep a balanced approach as some times marketers compromise on content quality by loading the articles with excessive keywords that penalizes the quality of your article.

















Back links are essential for optimizing search engine ranking, popularity and credibility of your website. They are like weapons to attack your target market through multiple posi-tions and act as a key

to income and success as phrased by Famous

American Marketing Expert, Jay Abraham:

“If you are attacking your market from multiple positions and your competition isn’t, you have all the advantage and it will show up in your increased success and income.”

Given its significance this chapter is dedicated to have a further in dept knowledge about importance of back links and popular strate-gies to develop back links.




In technical terminology, a back link is defined as any link received by one web node (a web page, a directory, or a website) from another web node

Generally speaking back links are basically incoming links from somewhere else to a website or web page. Often termed as inbound



links, in links, inward links, and incoming links, these links are vitally important for search engine optimization (SEO) and increasing web traffic.



Now the question is how back links improves search engine rank-ings of your website and increases web traffic? Here are some obvious reasons

The number of back links to a website indicates the popularity or importance of that website or page. It shows that how often your website is being visited. The higher number of back links manifests that your site is being visited by large number of audience increasing the likeability of your site.

Back links are essential for Search engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines often consider back links as one of the important factor and use the number of back links that a website has for determining that website’s search engine ranking, popularity and importance.

Also search engines like Google uses back links to determine the Page Rank of a webpage so a high number of back links can improve your website’s visibility. Quality back links are also a source of generating quality traffic to your sites. For example when your website is linked to the pages that have contents related to your website, there are high chances to drive authentic targeted audience to your web page, which in turn may increase your companies credibility and preference.

The more quality back links that a website has, the more visitors will trust, view, and visit the site and eventually convert into purchasers and sources of profits for your business.


Article Marketing Explained!






It is imperative for a marketer to create quality back links. There are several methodologies but our focus in this text would be on creating back links with reference to article marketing, as article marketing is one of the popular ways to get quality back links. Here are some constructive strategies:


Develop Quality Content – The Natural Way: Articles serve as “Cold Call” to your website. The more informative your article would be, the more are the chances of people liking it, trusting you and visiting your website. So ‘Never Compromise On The Quality of Your Content’.

Appropriate Anchor Resource Box: Anchor resource box is the best way to generate back links. It is essential for a marketer to know how to create a proper anchor text and resource box. A detailed overview will be presented in one of the later chapters.

Research for popular sites: You can do this by taking advantage of certain tools like Back link Binder tools that gives you a list of popular sites where you can post your articles for free. But why for free? It is because these web sites need quality contents. You submit your articles there for free and in return they can link back to your website.

Getting listed in Article Directories: There are several popular article directories like e-zine where you can submit your article. This is a great way to get multiple links back and create the positive momentum of traffic leading back to your website.



Hence, it is clear that the more the number of back links the more are your chances of success but never link to irrelevant or non popular websites As if you link to irrelevant sites, the search engine crawlers take this as a spamming and cut you off their search. Hence it would be disastrous in your way to obtain a good page rank.

















The influence of article marketing in promoting a company’s      online visibility can also by enhanced via RSS feeds, another technique used to increase web traffic. Let’s

explore in detail about RSS feeds and its significance.




RSS commonly known as ‘Really Simple Syndication’ is a tech- nology that gives the ability to easily distribute and publish syndi-cated content to a wide number of people on the Internet. The popularity of RSS is growing rapidly and a number of sites and internet businesses now have RSS feeds available. Many online publishers also syndicate their content as an RSS feed to whoever wants it. Many sites in order to let you know that the feed is available display a small icon with the acronyms such as RSS, XML, or RDF.




The basic purpose of RSS is of notification. It may be well



explained as a latest form of notification of new and changed content on various websites. Few of its advantages are listed below:

It is a beneficial for people who regularly use the web and want to be stay informed of latest content available on several websites. RSS notifies you by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in.

It saves time as the readers no more need to visit each site individually and repeatedly that is a tedious job in itself. It also ensures reader’s privacy, by not needing him or her to join each site’s email newsletter.

RSS technology is more sophisticated than email marketing as several email notifications from multiple sites might be mistaken for spam and also is not too organized in nature. However, through RSS, notifications of multiple sites are handled easily and far well organized than email marketing.





Now you might be wandering how RSS works? Here is the answer:

RSS works by having the website author maintain a list of notifi- cations called as “RSS Feed” on their website in a standard way. The list is developed by the use of special computer programs called “RSS Aggregators”. These RSS aggregators act just as a web browser for RSS content and automatically access the RSS feeds for new items from multiple websites you are interested in on your behalf and orga- nize the results for you. Each item in the list usually consists of a simple title describing the item, its description and a link to the web page. If the title and description of an item are of interest, by clicking the link you can visit the related web page for reading.

  • •                  •



PROMOTING Article Marketing Through RSS Feeds and Its Significance

One effective way to promote your articles is to create your author’s individual article RSS feed. Once you have your own unique author’s RSS feed, you can submit your posts to popular RSS submis-sion sites. You can then access the list regularly and update your submissions as well based on the page ranking of the sites. It is also essential to include a link to your RSS feed on every article that you submit. This may encourage viewers who show interest in your arti-cles to subscribe to your site. This will help bringing potential customers to your site.

Using RSS feeds through article marketing works as an efficient supplement to email marketing campaign and can help you getting a steady flow of potential customers to your site. Also as RSS feeds are directly subscribed to by your viewers who have find interest in your article, it helps you develop loyal customers which might increase your profits. Additionally, RSS feeds enhance your web page ranking as when you use RSS feeds to notify readers about updates on your content, it can be beneficial to your website’s ranking on the search results. The popular search engines usually prefer the sites that routinely add fresh content to their pages. Thus RSS feeds are an effective way of promoting article marketing and gives you a better chance to generate valuable leads for you business.

Hence, it is evident now that why RSS feeds are getting popular to generate traffic and boost web page rankings.

















After delivering an attractive and informative article to the      readers, the marketer needs to provide some call for action. A compelling Author Resource Box serves the purpose and

possesses the most critical impact on the effectiveness of your article in driving targeted traffic to your hub website.


WHAT IS an Author Resource Box and Its Significance

The author resource box is a small box that usually appears at the end of an article basically containing the following essential informa-tion about the author. The list of the items include

The name of the author,

A brief description of the author,

A brief description of the sponsoring site A link to the your company’s website


Author resource box is basically a bridge that can get a reader from your article to your website. If readers like your article, they



might want to find out where the article came from and to read more. The resource box will entice them to go to the site and research more.



TIPS TO DEVELOP Compelling Resource Box

Like the article itself, the resource box must also be eye- catching and effective to stipulate readers’ attention and interest. In order to generate more leads you must adhere to the following tips:

Make sure to provide appropriate keywords that should be related to your site.

Include a URL for your ezine subscription address. An anchor URL that is related to one keyword or keyword phrase that you want to build SEO strength for. Unique Selling Proposition (USP): This can be done by adding 1 to 3 sentences that encapsulate the essence

of describing what makes you and your offering unique. Your Call to Action: Once your reader likes your article, he might be tempted to buy your product. Hence it is the best time to include a call for action and leading the

visitor to visit your website if he is interested.

A Free Report: Leading your visitor to a free report could also be part of your call to action that further enhances your credibility as the expert.






Never include a link to every website you own. It is best to include one URL that is related to your article topic otherwise it will dilute your credibility.

Never over load your resource box with your achievements. Be specific and brief.



Avoid any direct advertisements of your products specially the ones that are irrelevant to the topic of your article. Remember that optimal size of your resource box should be no larger than 15% of your total article size.

Too large resource boxes are often ends up portraying negative image of you and your company.

Thus marketers should never underestimate the power of the author resource box to drive traffic to your site and hence enhance your profitability.

















Throughout our previous discussions we have explored      several ways on creating effective article contents which are essential to ensure the quality of the article itself. Also we have discussed in detail

various strategies that can enhance web

traffic and in turn promote sales. Lets’ discuss the second step of article marketing process which is ‘Article Submission’. The chal- lenge for a marketer now is where to submit articles to ensure maximum viewership. Even if your articles are very well written and are SEO focused but it must reach to valuable platforms to increase the chances of getting to masses of potential customers and help you generate an outstanding response rate.

Now the question is where to submit your articles to get maximum exposure? Listed below are some of the valuable platforms where you can submit your articles:



There are thousands of websites available that source articles from writers. You can search for sites related to your article and



submit it to these sites. This is a good opportunity to get to your targeted customers.



You can search for online publishers that have publications in the categories relevant to your article and submit your article to them. All you need to do is write a letter to publishers enquiring if they would be willing to publish you. In order to get their acceptance you need to  have a high quality content that is informational and authentic and that generates publisher’s as well as viewers’ interest. The more inter- esting your article, the more people will visit to the publishers site and read your article and the more will be the chances of them finally landing to your own websites by clicking on the link provided in that article. Also posting to these publications will help you reach to millions of potential customers as the people who read your articles have already subscribed to and agreed to receive related contents.



POST THEM to Related Popular Blogs

There are millions of blogs available on the Internet on different categories, and usually about 40,000 new blogs are being added to them every day. Posting your articles to these blogs may promote your business properly. Hence, you can attract thousands of more potential customers to your website possibly daily.




There are numerous free forms available online that welcome new members. You can find ones that are relevant to your website and publish your article. Forums are good place to gain maximum exposure but again to build credibility quality content is essentially important.

  • •                  •




You can also submit your articles to various free or fee based article distribution sites. These sites will in turn distribute your article to a number of leading article publishers and content providers. When you submit your articles to these distribution sites, it will raise your chances of reaching to millions of your targeted audience as these sites will sent your article to hundreds of ezines, newsletters, groups, websites and other publications in the relevant categories.




Articles directories are the most popular and valuable outlets for your articles. Submitting your articles to related and reputable direc-tories can generate millions of traffic to your website. Not only that, it will also help you to boost SEO rankings.

Above were the few platforms where you can submit your arti-cles. Out of which articles directory is the most crucial and valuable outlet, we will explore in further detail how to promote article marketing utilizing article directories in the next chapter.

















We have already mentioned in the previous chapter, that     submitting articles to articles directories is vital to generate a successful article marketing campaign.

Below we will discuss the benefits of article directories and a few tactics to extract maximum advantage of article directories.




Submitting articles to article directories may help marketers to reach millions of targeted customers as via article directories your article can be sent to thousands of publications, related websites and directories.

Popular article directories are also considered as authority sites by search engines, which not only results in submitted articles receiving substantial free traffic. But also can improve your websites web page ranking by popular search engines.

Article directories can make your message go viral online as most article directories allow other webmasters to



republish or reprint any of the articles within their directory, usually in other additional directories, blogs, and niche websites.

Most of the directories use the article title as the webpage title; thus mounting the chances of targeted web traffic landing to your webpage.

Anchor text is the primary value of links from the article directories, as most of the article directories allow the author to select the anchor text of the link in the author resource box, thus increasing the chances of your websites visibility.

Furthermore, article directories help you achieve long term existence as your articles will stay in the archives of thousands of publications and sites for years, continuing to send more and more potential customers to your website, increasing your websites popularity.

Usually article directories are free marketing sources to generate traffic




TACTICS TO EXTRACT Maximum Advantage

Listed below are few of the tips that will help you to take complete advantage of article directories. These include:

Always select directories that are related to your content and also those that are reputable.

Many online directories have certain rules, always stick to them.

Be consistent in writing new and updated articles regularly.

Never forget to include a compelling author resource box and link back to your website before submitting  it to the directories.

Also online marketers in order to maximize the efficiency



of article marketing campaign may submit articles to multiple article directories. Now the question is how to prevent duplicity? You can do this by Article Spinning. That is by creating multiple variations of articles to avoid duplicity.

These are few of the tactics to generate optimal results from article directories. However, it is essential to mention here that submitting articles to hundreds of individual directories is a time consuming and tedious job, so to overcome that you can use various software available today that submit articles automatically to directo-ries, or more efficiently you can opt for Article Marketing Automation. In the next chapter we will have a complete insight on Article Marketing Automation.









As   discussed   in   the   previous   chapter   that   to   drive   optimal number of targeted audience an article marketer has to submit the articles to hundreds of article directories

online. There are several different ways of submitting your articles. You can either go for manual submission. However, it’s a tedious and time consuming job as you need to login, input your credentials on each and every article directory and then submit your articles. Alter-natively you can outsource article submissions to various online sites but this is a costly option and you have to pay sufficient charges for that. Another latest and popular solution is Article Marketing Automation.




You may be wondering that what is Article Marketing Automation and how it works? Here is your answer:

As the name implies Article Marketing Automation is an auto- mated, rapid, yet efficient process to submit numerous articles to all the different article directories online. It is an automated tool that simplifies your article submission process. Usually what it does is it



automatically puts forward your articles to various sites and blog and your articles automatically appear within article directories. Hence it does not only saves you time but prove to be cost effective in the long run.



BENEFITS OF ARTICLE Marketing Automation

Apart from being fastest and cost effective way of submitting arti-cles, article marketing automation encompasses some great features and delivers several other benefits such as:

Article Marketing Automation is also one of the preferred link building tool over various other article directories because firstly, unlike other article directories, it usually allows three links to be embedded anywhere in the article body. Secondly, it automatically distributes articles to related blogs to generate web traffic.

Article Spinning is another automated technique employed within article marketing automation where the article, or part of it will be rewritten automatically hence providing fresh content for submission. However article spinning is not always a healthy option as articles that have undergone spinning sometimes might lose the meaning that the original article had.

As it is an automated tool for submitting articles, chances of errors and mistakes are totally eliminated.

Thus, it is evident that Article Marketing Automation is an ideal article distribution service. It is definitely a time saver and an income booster technique as it exponentially decreases your writing and submission tasks and at the same time it may help you increase your web page ranking and enhancing your online presence.









Since the advent of internet, article marketing has become one     of the best forms of marketing and reaching to millions of prospects and boosting your search engine rankings. Not only

that it has several other advantages, a few of them are listed below:



IT REQUIRES Lowest Investment

Article marketing is one of the most inexpensive forms of marketing and helps you reach to millions of targeted customers, unlike other advertising campaigns that cost you a fortune.


HELPS you develop credibility and trust

Remember that by creating informative articles on related topics in order to provide important information to your targeted audience will help you develop credibility in the eyes of your potential customers. They see you as a trusted source and hence develop a positive image of you and your company.

  • •                  •



IT HELPS you improve your expertise

Creating articles at regular intervals on related topics keep you on your toes and you keep researching for quality information to develop quality content. And thus this practice helps you enhance your expertise and you can ultimately become an expert in your field.



IT PROVIDES long-term existence

Once your article is published online, it stays there forever. Anyone can get to your article even after years. It promotes long term existence unlike other forms of marketing that die out really quickly.




One of the major advantages of article marketing is that you can always rescue your original content and upgrade it and circulate it to gain further advantage that is you can actually add value to your orig-inal content and drive further benefits.



UTILIZE ARTICLES in various other ways

You can utilize your articles in many other forms like email quality and informative articles to existing customers. Also you can pick up your best articles and combine them into an informative e book and publish it online to raise your credibility.



DO you lack time or knowledge? Never mind it still works

If a marketer thinks that he is occupied with other important tasks and/or he lacks expertise, there is no need to worry. There are a number of reputable services online that can provide quality content for your articles and also several efficient article distribution service providers that can help you distribute your articles to popular sites and directories.



Thus now it is quite evident that why article marketing is consid-ered as the most valuable forms of online marketing.







Article marketing has become one of the most preferred      marketing strategies among business owners. It is the most efficient, extensive and cost effective tool to develop huge

number of leads, create brand awareness, promote sales and increase company’s profitability. Popular and vibrant article marketing tactics can help you to generate millions of targeted prospects to your website and hence increase credibility. Lets’ discuss several tips to promote business through article marketing:

What is the main purpose of online marketing? To bring traffic and generate leads. Thus an effective and informative article is essentially vital. Always develop problem solving content that is valuable to your targeted audience.

A good article strategy also requires consistency. Try to write at least two articles per week. The main benefit of submitting informative articles at regular intervals will keep your audience stick to your site and also help you improve your search engine rankings as most search engines values sites with new contents.



Remember, articles serve as cold call to sales. Unlike other advertising tools that are sales oriented and less trusted, article marketing can be used to develop trust. As you are not marketing your product directly, in fact you are winning customer’s trust and building your companies credibility by constantly presenting articles that are informative for your audience. Hence, an effective strategy would be to win trust rather than directly promote sales. Through submitting your article at popular article directories you can reap the benefits of increased web traffic and increased brand awareness.


To summarize, article marketing helps you boost your likelihood to get to targeted audience and enhance your SEO rankings. Hence, it increases the chances of sales and profitability.







Have you ever noticed that most of the times when you fill a     manual subscription form of any magazine, or member ship form of any club or society or even when you fill up

an account opening form in a bank, there is a question in the form inquiring how did you know about our service or product, or how did you know about our company etc. Even when you submit a job appli- cation online, there is question enquiring how you got to know about this job. I can refer to too many of such examples. But the question is what the purpose of asking such questions? The answer is very simple that is to measure the efficiency of various marketing tech-niques employed by the marketers. Businesses use multiple marketing strategies in order to create brand awareness and promote sales. Once employed, it is critically important to evaluate and measure the success of these strategies. The same is essential for a marketer to measure the effectiveness of article marketing campaign.



WHY TO MEASURE Effectiveness of Article Marketing Campaign?

After developing a quality article and efficiently distributing it to



targeted audience, it is essential for a marketer to evaluate the success of its strategies. Reviewing and measuring the effectiveness of article marketing campaign will help marketers in several ways. Few of them are:

To identify those tactics that has really worked well. Hence a marketer can use these tactics as blue print for his future strategies and can focus on employing such tactics in the future too to reap maximum benefits. To refine your strategies with changing needs.

To undo or rectify errors and mistakes.

To measure return on your investment (ROI) on article creation and distribution.




WAYS TO MEASURE Effectiveness

Now the question is how to measure effectiveness of article marketing campaign? Listed below are few ways to quantify the results:

Figure out number of new links to your website. Number of impressions.

Placement on popular sites and publications.

Lead generation.

Requests from editors for more articles.

Your web page ranking by popular search engines. And finally sales and profits.




HENCE, the success of article marketing campaign lies in the fact that whether traffic to your web has increased? Is your page ranked high by popular online search engine? Is your content being published in



various popular sites? And finally is your sale and profitability has increased or not and thus evaluating performance continually will improve your chances of long term success and long term online existence.

















Article Marketing has tremendous power for the promotion      of any online business, but unfortunately few marketers fail to attain its full potential by doing some common

mistakes. Here are some do’s and don’ts of article marketing which will certainly help marketers to ensure employing successful marketing campaign.




Do Your Research: You must know your target audience first. Identify their needs, their problems and search for the keywords which they might use to obtain online information they are interested to know. Also you must research and have complete knowledge about the subject matter of your article.


Do Create an Informative Article: Write an article that is informative and entertaining to your reader. Your article



should solve the problem of your customer and must drive their attention.

Do Marketing, Not Advertising: Remember that article marketing is not advertising through which you push your product to the target audience. Article Marketing is in fact a demand pull strategy whereby you offer a solution to their problem and in turn create demand for your product.


Do Focus on Both Your Customers and Publishers: Your article should drive interest of your customers as well as your publishers. Marketers sometimes fail to sell their article to publishers by over emphasizing on their company or product and compromise on the content quality.


Do Employ SEO Optimized Tactics: Always use appropriate keywords, select proper title, ensure optimal keywords placement, develop links, and add a proper author resource box in your article to optimize viewership and website ranking.




DON’TS of Article Marketing


Don’t Compromise on Content Quality: Poor quality content can take your traffic away from your site forever so never compromise on quality. Give authentic information and make your article problem solving for your customers to attain credibility


Don’t Sell: Avoid producing a sales copy, as no one will



publish articles that are not informative and looks like a sales letter.

Don’t make Grammatical Mistakes: Always proof read your contents and check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.


Don’t Write Very Big Articles: Keep it short, break it up into digestible sections of text and don’t overload it with bulk of information. Be precise and focused.


Don’t Submit Articles on Irrelevant Directories: Always

submit your articles to related and popular sites to generate masses of traffic. Never waste your time and efforts by submitting your articles to irrelevant sites and directories. It’s worthless.


Hence after reading this chapter, article marketers can avoid some crucial mistakes and can increase the efficiency of their article marketing campaign.








One common mistake that people might do is to confuse     traditional article writing with article marketing. Writing and publishing articles in magazines, journals, newspa-

pers or to various other sites is completely different from article marketing. Article marketing is basically a marketing tool used by marketers to generate optimal web traffic to their websites, increase page ranking, gain popularity and develop credibility to optimize their sales and profitability. Article writing is basically a field of writ- ing, where writers produce articles that delivers their knowledge, expertise and their view on some specific topics and subjects of their interest to general public through publishing articles.



LISTED BELOW ARE few of the major differences between both.


Article marketing is a marketing tool to generate business sales and profits, while article writing is just writing articles to aware general public on specific issues and topics with no sales or marketing phenomenon.



Article marketers submit articles for free while article writers charge a fee.

Articles marketers submit articles to article directories in order to increase links and drive web traffic to their sites and to generate business leads, while article writer submit articles to related sites with no desire to generate business leads.

The success of article marketing depends on amount of web traffic it generates and the ranking of the company’s website and company’s credibility, while the success of article writing depends on author’s own credibility. Article marketers’ main aim is to provide problem solving material to their customers while an article writer conduct research and provide his views or information to increase awareness of its readers on the subject matter. Article marketer has to make sure that the article has

popular keywords and its placement, appropriate links, well design author resource box and is SEO focused while an article writer is never required to ensure such things.

Hence it is quite evident now that article marketing is not about writing articles, rather it is actually a marketing tool that is aimed to promote online.








I n our journey through this book we have explored that article marketing is one of the most efficient, effective and least expen-sive ways to drive targeted leads to your website, optimize your

search engine rankings and increase credibility and profitability of your business. With the increased use of internet and evolution of online business, article marketing has expanded into a complete field offering sounds benefits to promote online business and increase a company’s online visibility. This is the reason why every business today either big or small, implement various article marketing campaigns to beat their competition and promote their business.

In this book we have also discussed various online marketing tactics in detail and explored that by developing customer focused, problem solving and informative articles for readers, we can get our articles published at several popular websites and directories to attain success. Not only that the success of article marketing deeply rely upon employing several tactics like key words usage, extensive linkage, SEO optimization to increase the possibility of reaching to millions of targeted customers. Also essentially important is to ensure efficient article distribution by selecting related and popular article directories and sticking to their requirements.


Article Marketing Explained!




In order to gain maximum benefits we also discussed some common mistakes that article marketers may do that may dilute the effectiveness of their efforts and reduce efficiency of their article marketing campaign. Also many useful tactics were explored that marketers should follow and the ones that they must avoid to ensure efficiency of the article marketing campaign. Hence Article marketing if launched effectively can help marketers to increase their targeted market and reap maximum profits.